Cheri Paige Fogleman

Actor, Dancer, Person


“‘Actor, Dancer, Person’ forgot to add Comedian, Paddle-Boarder, Epic Swimsuit Wearer, Owner of Really Fabulous Hair.”  Kat Thomsen, Digital Managing Editor at Glamour Magazine


a new digital series Cheri’s producing along with Amy Kersten and Hilary Edson Polk (Guiding Light), called Tutor Pimp. Cheri’s playing the role of Destiny.

And on STAGE again: See Cheri as Christine in William Inge’s Picnic at the Ephatra Perfroming Arts Center, opening Sept 6th.

You can also catch Cheri on the LIVE, daily, fitness show, Daily Burn 365--leading the 30 minute workout.

Stay Tuned for Kara Herold’s feature film, 39 and a Half--Cheri is playing the role of Angela.